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I came across this on Facebook and purchased the year 5 resources for my own use.

I am also part of a numeracy steering group which is looking to promote the use of maths mastery in schools in Aberdeenshire and have recommended your resources during training sessions.

Diana Taylor
Kemnay Primary School

I use the reasoning tasks, they are fab, but also the visual images of numbers – so strong and powerful.

Tricia G
Cove Junior School in Farnborough, Hampshire

I am an NQT and using these slides and resources have really supported my teaching of maths this year. Been fantastic and saved a lot of time preparing so thank you.

Em L. T
Pyrcroft Grange School

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We have created a number of membership options to give you the flexibility to choose exactly the resources you need, as well as to help save you money when you want to access multiple resources. Membership will allow you access to the year group resources already on this site and future resources uploaded. Prices are excluding VAT. VAT will be added on at checkout.

These are individual memberships only. Please contact us for school memberships quoting how many users/logins you will require as a school.

Free membership

Our free membership package allows you to download any of the free resources that are shown on the site. In addition you are able to purchase any of our individual resources.


Annual membership

Membership will allow you access to the year group resources already on this site and future resources uploaded.

We are currently offering a discount on our Year 6 resources as the content is actively being improved and added to in order to bring it in line with the rest of the site.

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Please email us at so you can set up a school membership which will allow multiple users to access the account. Please let us know how many users you need, we can then send you a quote straight away!

What makes our resources unique?

Fully Editable Resources

We know every class has different needs, and resources aren’t always “one-size-fits-all”, so all of our maths worksheets and slides are fully editable. You can make changes to our resources to make them more suitable for your class — no more disregarding resources because they’re not quite right!

Differentiated Worksheets

Our differentiated worksheets allow children to explore different avenues and depths of learning, making them suitable for various types of learners and children of all abilities. This can help you adopt a whole-class mastery approach. If children are performing above age-related expectations, we deepen their learning with fluency tasks.

Reasoning tasks

Reasoning is the key to long-term learning. When children can make logical sense of mathematical ideas, they can use that reasoning for future learning and real-world problem-solving. You’ll find a range of reasoning tasks amongst our resources, designed to help children gain a deeper understanding of learning objectives.

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Our 10 years of teaching experience, means we know what we will help teachers most.

About Master the Curriculum

Providing high-quality resources that are engaging, visual, and fun.

We are a team who believe education for children should be fun. That’s why we’ve put together an extensive range of educational resources for primary school teachers.

To provide the best stand-out service we can, we focus on differentiating our resources within the children’s learning objective, rather than differentiating by numbers. By taking this stance, we can ensure all our worksheets are accessible to almost every child in your class. We believe accessibility creates a path that leads to mastery of the tasks undertaken by each child.

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